Providing the best in film equipment rental

Whether you are an individual requiring an edit suite, or a production team that need a company they can rely upon for supplying crew, kit, technical planning and logistics for the entirety of a project from pre to post production.

We are the sum of our parts, we combine a fantastic array of industry standard equipment with access to high stock levels to facilitate productions of all scales, highly experienced project managers to handle the job from start to finish, a logistics and prep team that work in the field to ensure your kit exceeds expectations and arrives when you want it, and finally, experienced engineers to support you 24/7.

Tiffen Clear/ND 0.6 Soft Filter (4x4)
Sachtler System 20 S1
Angénieux EZ1 and EZ2


We offer cameras for each field of the media industry. remote head cameras for hidden camera shoots, broadcast cameras for TV and corporate content, cine style cameras for music videos and film. Handheld rigs for docu-style shoots, and plenty in between.


We stock lenses of all mounts to complement our cameras as well as yours, from vintage primes to telephoto lenses, from wide angle fisheye lenses to macro we have you covered. Our large roster of freelance operators means that if we don’t have it, we know someone that will.


A Camera and lens will only get you so far, we have a wide selection of accessories to assist in your shoot, the latest in monitoring, lens adapters and mounts, matte boxes and optical filters. All specifically chosen based upon rigorous testing in the field and from communication with our clients.


Once shooting is wrapped, our DIT kits and storage will get you to the next phase of the project. We provide edit suites and shared storage to post houses in Soho, Bristol and the rest of the UK, with a team of highly skilled engineers and project managers to ensure you are supported 24/7.

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